Rory Aaron – And within these cobbled streets [2023]


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         Cobbled Streets

         Rory Aaron

         March 2 2023

         PBK: £10

        ISBN: 978 1 913917 28 9  

        100 pages • 216 x 138 • Narrative poem

        Market: General/trade

        Genre: Poetry Collection

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The narrative poem behind Rory Aaron’s debut show, This Town.

And within these cobbled streets, is a modern-day epic, long narrative poem, by Rory Aaron (BBC New Creatives and Southbank Poetry Collective). The autobiographical work is based on Rory’s own life- growing up in a working class, post-industrialised small town in Derby, and it looks at his own experience with loss, opportunities and friendship. The work also specifically zones-in on issues around class; the ethics of army recruitment and support available after combat; the cost-of-living crisis; and mental health.

‘In this sweeping narrative poem, Rory gives us a glimpse into an arresting world full of lovable and maddening characters. Gifted with a conversational and propulsively rhythmic voice, Rory has honed a fluid and generous writing style. His hometown is depicted with fondness without slipping into sentimentality. Banality sits beside transcendence, violence by puppy love and sticky pints. This book is a bittersweet delight.’ – Vanessa Kisule

‘This Town pulled me in, sat me down, 

told me to shut up and 

handed me a can.


The music of it

felt familiar and new 

at the same time.


I could quote it for days.’ – Polarbear



Rory Aaron is a poet, writer and performer from Derby currently based in Manchester. He was part of the BBC New Creatives 2020 Cohort, where he produced his first short film called Doglike which can be seen on BBC I Player. Rory is currently part of the Southbank Centres New Poetry Collective for 2022, and is working on the two person show, This Town, with Contact and Derby Theatre.