Josie Alford – Faulty Manufacturing [Pre Order – Out Mar 23]


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         Faulty Manufacturing

         Josie Alford

         March 23 2023

         PBK: £10.99

        ISBN: 978 1 913917 32 6   

        100 pages • 216 x 138 • 43 poems

        Market: General/trade

        Genre: Poetry Collection

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How do you grieve for someone when your relationship was… complicated?

After her father died in 2017, Josie Alford began writing her debut collection. Faulty Manufacturing is defined by the fractured nature of memory and tracks the development of grief from the immediacy of knowing to learning to live with death. The collection explores themes of addiction, domestic violence and guilt and holds space for relief, joy and hope. With deliciously jarring humour, Josie Alford shows grief comes in many forms, she gives it a sparkly jacket.


Enigmatic. Mysterious. Drenched in Shadow. Josie Alford is none of these things. Her stage presence is sequinned, pop culture referencing, infectious, & welcoming. Once seen, never forgotten, her work ranges from the subtle nuance of dealing with loss to Spice Girls fan mail.

Josie Alford is a Bristol-based poet, youtuber and award winning reviewer. Her poetry fuses the techniques of spoken and written poetry. Having completed an MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa, she is currently working on publishing a poetry collection about the death of her father.

“Josie Alford is one of the new wave of spoken word performers; sassy, intelligent young women who knock the gatekeepers of ‘proper poetry’ off their dusty pedestals.” -Lucy English