Iona May – Breaking Down Loudly [2022]


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         Breaking Down Loudly

         Iona May

         September 22 2022

         PBK: £9.99

         ISBN: 978 1 913917 15-9   

         108 pages • 216 x 138 • 50 Poems

         Market: General/trade

         Genre: Poetry Collection

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Iona has just started her first teaching job when her mum dies from cancer. Obviously, it is unexpected, and it changes everything. As a writer, performer, poet, and clown, Iona finds it oddly comforting to imagine her apparently quiet grief as an extravagant circus act.  

Breaking Down Loudly is one version of these imaginings, a page-performance about the changing patterns of grief, family, and friendship. The poems shift between tender scenes that show all the different ways we try to connect with each other when everything is falling apart.

Breaking Down Loudly is Iona’s debut full poetry collection.

‘Iona May has such an exciting poetic voice – made district by her mix of tenderness and disarming wit. This collection is unflinchingly honest, sumptuously extravagant, and quietly devastating all at once.’ – Ellen Renton


Iona May is a poet, performer and Religious Studies teacher based in Norwich. She writes about friendship, grief and what happens when societal expectations do not match personal needs. She has been published by Porridge, Gatehouse Press and Eggbox, amongst others. She has performed in various venues around Norwich including The Garage Theatre and at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival (2017). Her poems dwell on the beauty of human foibles, taking the trivial seriously and finding the ordinariness in catastrophe. 

[Photo: ©nimminaidoo]