Our Poets A-K

So just who are the Verve Poetry Press poets? Find out more below…

Rory Aaron
Matt Abbott
Qudsia Akhtar
Josie Alford
Nasim Rebecca Asl
Leah Atherton
Casey Bailey
Elaine Beckett
Clive Birnie
Zoë Brigley
Helen Calcutt
Beth Calverley
Kayleigh Campbell
Genevieve Carver
Tim Tim Cheng
Jenna Clake
Geraldine Clarkson
Rona Cran
Peter deGraft-Johnson
Kym Deyn
Elle Dillon-Reams
Jo Morris Dixon
Betty Doyle
Roxy Dunn
Asma Elbadawi
Annie Fan
Louise Fazackerley
Kayla Martell Feldman
Nyanda Foday
Roshni Gallagher
Emily Rose Galvin
Catherine Gander
Jasmine Gardosi
Kevin P. Gilday
Erica Gillingham
Sam J. Grudgings
Elise Hadgraft / corporationpop
Jamie Hale
Nafeesa Hamid
Jemma Hathaway
Ty'rone Haughton
Nicki Heinen
Hannah Hodgson
Jemima Hughes
Sarah James
Rupinder Kaur
Luke Kennard
Sean Wai Keung
About the Press
Can’t find who you’re looking for? We’re currently in the process of updating this page with all our wonderful poets so this is not (yet) a comprehensive list — remember you can go to our bookshop to see every publication by every poet we’ve ever published!